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The Brno Contemporary Orchestra (BCO) was established in 2011 with the purpose to present contemporary world music at home and Czech music abroad (with overlaps to the music of the 20th century).

We want to draw up listeners and show them that the music is a part of our daily life. By compact dramaturgic units and by original projects linking music with other arts (film, visual arts, etc.) we wish to be attractive not only for the audience, but even for composers – which we want to motivate to create new pieces made-to-measure for the orchestra.

The founder, artistic director and conductor of BCO is Pavel Šnajdr.





The Statutory City of Brno financially supports the Brno Contemporary Orchestra

The concerts are organized with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic

Děkujeme za podporu a spolupráci

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28.05.2024 at 19:00
Vodojem na Žlutém kopci

LOVE ALONE (by Jaroslav Seifert)


Samá láska (Love Itself) from 1924 is a collection by Jaroslav Seifert (1901-1986), who won the only Czech Nobel Prize for Literature in 1984. The dramaturgy will not be built on the inquiry into the meaning of the Nobel Prize when it was given to someone no one actually reads. We want to focus on the collection itself. We want to focus on poems on the border between proletarian poetry, including a reflection on the new digital working class (IT) that only fulfils the demands of its commissioners without having to understand what it digitises, and poetism, that is, conceiving of the world as an infinite and spontaneous poetry or poetics. It’s like a water tower, an amazing piece of craftsmanship that has become a temple, and moreover, has become overgrown with dog wine.

Petr Hromádka – Underground – skladba na objednávku
Justė Janulytė – Sleeping Patterns
G. Scelsi – Kya
Tomáš Šenkyřík – Vodovjemy – skladba na objednávku
Josef Klíč – Plastic Meat
Noemi Savková – Psí víno – skladba na objednávku
BCO – Pavel Šnajdr

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