It has not finished with Janáček!

The Brno Contemporary Orchestra (BCO) was established in 2011 with the purpose to present contemporary world music at home and Czech music abroad (with overlaps to the music of the 20th century).

We want to draw up listeners and show them that the music is a part of our daily life. By compact dramaturgic units and by original projects linking music with other arts (film, visual arts, etc.) we wish to be attractive not only for the audience, but even for composers – which we want to motivate to create new pieces made-to-measure for the orchestra.

The founder, artistic director and conductor of BCO is Pavel Šnajdr.





The Statutory City of Brno financially supports the Brno Contemporary Orchestra

The concerts are organized with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic

The Laurel Wreath project partner

Děkujeme za podporu a spolupráci

Next concert

11.10.2023 at 19:00
Cabaret des Péchés, Jalta pasáž



Magdaléna Hebouss – soprano
Marek Žihla – tenor
FlagArt Mondaria
Martin Svobodník – light design, direction


Brno-born Fritz Grünbaum (1880-1941) was one of the most famous European cabaret performers of his time. He wrote lyrics for both slapstick and decadent operettas. Little did he know that he would fall victim to the greatest failure of human society. Similarly, Erwin Schullhof, Robert Stolz, Jean Gilbert, Erich Wolfgang Korngold and Pavel Haas, whose works we have decided to present in arrangements by contemporary composers, had no idea.
On 24 September 1923, the writer Ladislav Fuks (1923-1994), who depicted the greatest horrors of the world and his life with painful and cynical exaggeration in his extraordinary work, would have turned 100 years old. His bizarre and decadent poetics, full of the fantastic and phantasmagoric, inspired us to conceive a bizarre cabaret in which joy and casual fun reek of the tragedy of the well-known future fates of the actors. The title refers to the 1953 short story “The Wreath of Laurel”, in which Fuchs describes how people are destroyed by humiliation and condemnation from self-appointed leaders and victors.
Life is a Dog was sung by Hugo Haas to music by his brother Paul.

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